Who Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up? Online Program

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Starting Monday, 6 May 2019

Anywhere in the world! 🌏

Join Emma Grey and Audrey Thomas of My 15 Minutes for a thought-provoking, uplifting and actionable online experience in the company of like-minded women.

Your course investment includes all program materials (including a welcome pack posted to you with goodies to get you started!), 6 live Q&A calls, access to Emma & Audrey in a private group throughout the program & support from peers.

We’d love you to join us.

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Who Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

For women ready for a bit of reinvention

A program by Audrey Thomas and Emma Grey
authors of I Don’t Have Time and founders of My 15 Minutes

Starting Monday 6 May for 6 Weeks

“I’ve found that growing up means being honest. About what I want.
What I need. What I feel. 
Who I am.”


‘Follow your bliss’ videos flit past on social media, and we can’t help thinking it would be a lot easier if we were 23, unencumbered and had the freedom to make radical change without any risk. By midlife, it’s rarely about just us any more. Our decisions aren’t free from ramifications for people we love. None of this is as simple as it sounds.

But if we’re honest, it’s not as complicated as we often make it, either

There are endless ways to reinvent ourselves, starting from where we are now, as messy as things may be. It’s not about striving for ‘perfect’ or tipping entire lives upside down. It’s about taking what we have and sculpting something we love – even if the end result isn’t clear yet.

It’s about who we want to be. Not ‘what’.

Not later, but now. Right in the middle of the hustle and routine, the striving, the falling, the clambering back up. Despite all the demands, the disappointments, the blurriness of the objective …

It’s about reinventing ourselves, half way through the story. Strengthening. Deepening. Flourishing, where we are.

In this 6-week program you will learn:

  • Why it doesn’t matter that you’re not further ahead or higher up or better off or fitter or happier or any other benchmark by which we might measure ourselves unfavourably
  • How to wrangle your priorities into a Bucket List — and more importantly, into a second list of things you’ll ditch, pronto, to make it happen
  • How to transform your relationship with fear so the things that once seemed confronting are now within your reach
  • How to move with more agility through the gauntlet of setbacks, changes and challenges that will inevitably spring up between here and where you want to be
  • Why it’s not always the biggest achievements or events in our lives that define us, but the smallest
  • A way to gain clarity and move forward in the key areas that have been bugging you or holding you back

We don’t need to wait until ‘the right time’ to make changes to our lives. Change need not always be startling and sweeping. We’re keen on big goals, of course, but it’s the power of small changes in our daily habits that add up and make something beautiful. Often it takes just one small step today, in a positive direction, to begin to turn this whole thing around.

What you’ll receive:

  • A welcome gift pack sent to you in the mail, which includes our much-loved ‘Bucket List Ideas Generator’ tool, card deck and pen; all beautifully packaged together
  • 6 modules of practical content, delivered weekly in our program hub, with video presentations and downloadable materials
  • Weekly Facebook Live Q&As with us in a dedicated group for the program, so you can meet like-minded women and share ideas and progress
  • Members only support & discussion in the private Facebook Group for the duration of the program, giving you access to Emma and Audrey, and an amazing community of like-minded women




Audrey Thomas and Emma Grey are the authors of the award-winning book, I Don’t Have Time. In 2013, they co-founded My 15 Minutes, a 90-day online program designed to transform lives in 1/100th of the day. Along with online programs, they offer a 12-month group coaching program for women called The Reinvention Project, and an accountability program — Fast Forward Coaching.

Together, they have presented online training, coaching, workshops, seminars and keynotes to thousands of women, and have been interviewed many times about their unique take on productivity and dream-chasing on TV, national and international radio and in the press. They are currently writing their second co-authored book, I Can’t Be Bothered.


When does the program run? Will there be further dates available?

The live program runs from May 6 to June 15, 2019, plus you have lifetime access to the program materials in our [brand new] online members’ hub. This means you can purchase the program now and go through it in your own time if you’re unable to attend the live dates.

Who should join this program?

  • Women ready for change and new opportunities, even if they can’t yet articulate how that will look
  • Women keen to focus on what’s important to them and ready and willing to take action now
  • Women who are seeking inspiration to shape their future but don’t know where to start

Where is the program available? I’m travelling on some of the dates.

You can participate in the program from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. If you’re travelling and need to catch up later, that’s fine. You’ll have lifetime access to all the materials, videos and Facebook Live recordings.

How much ‘work’ will I need to do?

This is an action-based program, with weekly activities to get you into momentum and thinking deeply and practically about your future. At My 15 Minutes we’re anti-overwhelm, so we’ll give you enough material each week to be comfortably stimulated, without feeling like you’re swamped. Also, even though the course rolls out over a 6-week period, you’ll have lifetime access, so it won’t matter if you fall behind — you can complete it in your own time.

What support will I receive?

You’ll have access to workbooks, videos, checklists and other downloadable resources to help you get the most out of the program. You’re invited to join a private Facebook group with other participants, for mutual discussion and support, and to attend Facebook Lives with us each week for the duration of the course. If you need any extra support at any time, we’re available by email. We’ll also send you some resources in the old-fashioned mail!

How much of the program will feel ‘live’?

You can join us for LIVE weekly group Q&A calls (via Facebook Live videos). This is an opportunity to ask us any questions or share stories. We’ll be popping into the private Facebook Group during each week as well, and interacting with members there.

Throughout the program you’ll receive peer and mentor support in the Facebook group. With all our programs, we find we attract the nicest people online, and we expect lots of friendships will form around this course too.

Is the program investment in Australian or US dollars?

Your investment in the program is charged in advance in Australian dollars.

Programs are non-refundable but they are transferable before the program commences (May 6 2019). Just let us know the details of the person you’ve given your place to and we’ll add them to our member list.

How can I contact the program mentors with any questions?

Please email Emma and Audrey at [email protected]


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